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Acceptance at last – Marketing is no longer just seen as ‘soft and fluffy’ – it is an essential contributor to business success

As someone who has been involved in marketing for over 15 years and has a real passion for it, it has often been a frustration to me that too many companies have been too quick to dismiss it as ‘soft and fluffy’ and an area of business which isn’t really too important.

We have all seen that when the purse-strings are tightened it is the marketing team which is first for the chop!

But times have changed – and in no small part because people’s buying habits have changed – both at a consumer level and at a business to business level. The advent and the prolific growth in recent years of the internet is the root cause of this. Social media too – I know it still has as many detractors as advocates – has also played a huge part.

The fact is that marketing is now an essential part of any business – you have to compete with those in the market who are constantly elevating their own profiles and status to attract customers to their business over yours – a marketing department is now not a ‘nice to have’ or a ‘no need to have’ – it is as critical as any other function in your business.

As a marketer I know this, and it is one of the reasons why I have joined the Pace team – to find the best marketers in the industry and to help the best companies in it to have access to them.

Having the best people in your team is not only about competing within the industry – it is also about competing with those in other home improvement sectors who can just as easily ‘win’ consumers’ spending choice over the offerings of our industry if we do not have the best people pushing our companies forward.

Marketing is no longer soft and fluffy – it is hard edged and a commercially essential contributor to business success.

Rosie Cheetham DipM MCIM is Business Specialist for Marketing at Pace Resourcing – Industry people recruiting people for the industry. 0161 641 7423

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