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Adrian Vicker in the Hot Seat with GGP

How did you get started in the industry?
I started in the industry at Worcester Parsons where I worked as National Sales Manager. These were great days with the industry very much in its infancy and so many product development opportunities ahead of us all. They were the first to create a push to unlock espagnolette handle and adjustable standard door hinges. They were really vibrant times and truth be told, I think the same vibrancy is still here today. It is a great industry full of really dynamic people and that’s what keeps it ticking!

From those early days tell us what else you have done in the industry and a bit about your skills
I have worked in the window and door industry now for over 30 years’. I retain a real passion for and have a wide-ranging experience of the hardware sector. I have worked at Siegenia UK as Managing / Sales Director including duties as Divisional Managing Director for the Siegenia group where my responsibilities included looking after the “English” speaking world including – UK, Ireland, North America, Scandinavia and China and establishing new markets within India, New Zealand and Australia.

My life at Siegenia taught me lots about infinite detail in every area of business. Wieland Frank has a keen eye for project detail, plus he a great believer in allowing you to take ownership of a project from start to finish and continue through to fruition.

How many sales people today would say “if only I had this” I could sell X more products? Siegenia taught me if you believe in something take ownership and do not leave it to anyone else to take the responsibility!
Prior to that I was employed by Roto as Sales/Operations Director where I enjoyed many great years and had the pleasure of learning from one of the great leaders in the industry in my opinion – Mike Piqeur. His commitment to training and development of his people was second to none, and that is something which has stayed with me and has driven my interest in Pace Resourcing.

What changes have you seen in the industry?
We have all seen so many changes since those early days. At the outset product development felt like it was an everyday occurrence; it is less fast moving now but let’s not kid ourselves on, product development and innovation have to remain the life-blood of our industry. You wouldn’t expect to see the motor industry or the mobile phone industry stand still and neither should we.

Where do you see the industry in 10 years time?
I see a very mature industry with great products, and this will be best delivered by having great people. It is what I want to play a role in – to bring people through, the next generation of industry leaders and achievers.

We need to work with all companies and agencies to create an industry which is at the top of its game through its people. We are working with GQA Qualifications as a partner to encourage future generations of industry people to access better learning, training, and formal qualifications. As the industry matures, so our people skilling and recruiting also need to mature and there will need to be a more formal entry level for people coming into the industry.

What are you aiming to achieve in your role at Pace Resourcing?
I am particularly known for creating strong sales teams, utilising an individual’s experience and key skills to strengthen the overall sales operation. I am a firm believer in personal development and many of my ex colleagues have themselves gone on to become, Sales Managers, Sales Directors and Managing Directors.

I am delighted to be a part of the Pace Resourcing team and see my experience in the hardware sector as a major asset when helping clients to clearly identify the role they want a new employee to perform, and working with our back-room team to identify the right candidates to put forward to them.

Good candidate selection is a major factor in achieving good business results – having industry experience helps me to deliver the best candidates to our clients at all times.

I also want to play a big part in training up existing teams of people, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, helping our clients to get the most out of their teams by putting the most investment into them, and then when we do recruit for them we know exactly the person they need – no gambles, no taking chances, exactly the right person from day one.

What you like to do in your spare time
Those who know me know I am always looking for a challenge. I sailed the Atlantic with a former industry colleague and I enjoyed it so much I went and qualified as a yacht captain in my own right. Holidays now are sailing around the Greek Isles – a real taste of freedom. I have also crossed the USA on a motorbike – motorcycling is my other real passion. I once led fourteen window industry professionals through Morocco to the Sahara on their motorbikes….now that was a challenge!

Adrian Vicker is Director at Pace Resourcing – Industry People Recruiting People For The Industry

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