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Behind the often-comedic facial hair there is a very serious message….

It will come as a surprise to many that the ‘Movember’ movement is in its 12th year.

For many it has only recently come to prominence – largely through the sudden proliferation of high profile footballers and celebrities wearing a ‘tache’ during the month of November.

But behind the often-comedic facial hair there is a very serious message driven by an outstanding commitment from those championing the cause of men’s health.

For Pace Resourcing – with their strapline ‘all about people’ all campaigns like this have a real resonance. People are the most important asset in all businesses, and their well-being is critical to the well-being of the companies they work for.

Physical illnesses in both men and women are championed – rightly – at all sorts of time during the year, but the illness which seems to be growing at the fastest rate is often undetected, undiagnosed, rarely spoken about and certainly not championed to the same degree as other things. We are talking about mental illness.

Whether it is because we cannot see it, or whether it is because we cannot identify the symptoms – they are often passed off as tiredness, stress, and far to frequently and flippantly as “depression” – the fact is that not enough is being done to understand the condition.

It is mental illness which the team at Pace Resourcing are keen to help raise awareness of, and helping to spread the Movember movement’s name is a part of that. Movember is about so much more than physical health and the team at Pace are encouraging everyone to get on board and do their bit.

Mental illness effects huge numbers of people in the work place and the knock-on effects of this for the individual and for the business are significant.

Well employees feel better about themselves and contribute more to the business they work for. We should all do everything we can to try and identify then understand when a colleague is suffering, and help them in every way we can.

Congratulations to ‘Movember’ for trying to raise awareness about mental illness along with the physical causes they champion.

Let’s all help to spread the word and raise awareness…..

Chris Globe is Director of industry specialists Inside The Box Marketing who are PR and Marketing partners for Pace Resourcing.

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