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Blog Director Adrian Vicker, and Business Specialists Ian Miller, Steve Jones and Rosie Cheetham share their thoughts on all things recruitment

It is very difficult to hit gold when it comes to recruiting

Posted on : June 13, 2016

I am a keen archer and I know first-hand how hard hitting the gold circle in the middle of the target is; it is an incredibly small target and the opportunity to hit it is not just down to your own ability – there are many other things which impact...

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Why don’t young people see our industry as a part of their career path?

Posted on : June 6, 2016

Like many of you, I keep hearing that we need to find a way to bring new people into the window, door and glazing industry as the age profile across it continues to increase. It is the same story in many other hands-on industry sectors. It is almost a reflection...

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Acceptance at last – Marketing is no longer just seen as ‘soft and fluffy’ – it is an essential contributor to business success

Posted on : May 30, 2016

As someone who has been involved in marketing for over 15 years and has a real passion for it, it has often been a frustration to me that too many companies have been too quick to dismiss it as ‘soft and fluffy’ and an area of business which isn’t really...

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We should all go to Jeopardy…. apparently there are lots of jobs in jeopardy!

Posted on : May 23, 2016

According to the Brexit ‘remain’ campaign there are lots of jobs in jeopardy – while according to the ‘leave’ campaign there will be an influx of jobs in the UK if we vote ‘out’. Much like everything else to do with the Brexit vote, the bottom line is nobody seems...

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