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It is very difficult to hit gold when it comes to recruiting

I am a keen archer and I know first-hand how hard hitting the gold circle in the middle of the target is; it is an incredibly small target and the opportunity to hit it is not just down to your own ability – there are many other things which impact upon it. The same is true when recruiting.

Finding exactly the person you want is an incredibly involved process; you start with a perception of what you want the person to do, and the type of person you want to do it, but often those two things are not compatible – you need to adjust your sights.

The start point is to get a really in depth understanding of the role profile that you want to fill – a profile from five years ago is highly unlikely to be relevant today given how much the world, the economy, and working practices driven by the proliferation of IT services have changed. Let’s reassess your role requirements and ensure that they are still relevant for today’s (and tomorrow’s) business world and more importantly your company’s position in it.

Then you need to find the person to fit that role, the more in depth the role profile the more finely honed your searches can be for the ideal candidate – all the time we are narrowing down the target, becoming more focused on it, more capable of hitting it.

Good processes, good interview techniques and competency testing all add further to your opportunity to identify the right candidate for you, and for the right candidate to believe that you are the right business for them – this is just as important.

The result will be to create the best opportunity you will have of hitting gold.

It is a really difficult feat to achieve on the archery field and even more so in the recruitment field, but give yourself the best chance by pursing the best practices in your preparation.

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