Industry Heavyweights recruiting for architectural ironmongery | Pace Resourcing
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Industry Heavyweights recruiting for architectural ironmongery

Industry Heavyweights join Pace Resourcing

Locksmith Journal hears why Industry heavyweights Ian Miller formerly of Hoppe, and Adrian Vicker formerly of Siegenia, have joined Pace Resourcing as specialists, bringing years of experience to bare on sector recruiting.

Pace Resourcing is based entirely in the window, door and glazing sectors and is headed up by time served industry people supported by in-house recruitment and HR personnel. It is fully accredited by the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) and is championing a new way of recruiting in the industry.

Ian takes up the story “Both my own and Adrian’s backgrounds are as heads of sales for market leading hardware companies – in my case Hoppe, and in Adrian’s case Siegenia. We both had responsibility for growing sales significantly in our roles at those companies, and key to that was recruiting the right sales people – right technically, and most importantly right culturally to fit into the organisation”.

Pace Resourcing Adrian Vicker

“I have said many times in the past and will do so again, a sales person who fits the culture of a business, supported by a team and with the right training will achieve so much more than a stellar salesperson who does not fit into the culture”.

“On many occasions I have been sent sales people to interview, sales people whose CV’s look great, but they simply didn’t fit with the culture of our business”.

“One of the great advantages both Adrian and I have and which we bring to our roles at Pace Resourcing is that we understand the culture of the businesses in the sector, we know who the companies are, and when they give us a role profile to fill we can use our knowledge to extract any other information we need to ensure that we fully understand their ethos and only put forward people who will definitely fit in”.

“This comes through personal experience of recruiting in senior positions in the industry, and of being sat on the same side of the desk that our clients are now. Recruiting in this sector specifically is not generically about ‘sales people’, it is about very specific sales people”.

“If you take Architectural Ironmongery as an example, even within the hardware sector this is different. As someone who has headed a team in this very specific sector I know only too well the skills and the mentality a sales person needs to succeed. For those looking to recruit in this area, I know, based on personal experience that we have a level of knowledge which will really add to the process of identifying the right people”.

“Ian’s point is really important – there are already many good reasons to use a recruitment agency to find your people, but this additional in-depth understanding of the industry really makes a difference” continues Adrian. “It means that the chances of a person not being the right person when they take up their post are significantly diminished and that, economically is a major benefit to a hiring company”.

“As a part of Pace Resourcing we take the greatest care to ensure that firstly we understand an employer’s specific needs, as I said earlier not just technically, but culturally and secondly we ensure we vet any potential candidates based upon that criteria before offering them forward for interview”.

“It is one of the great advantages we can bring to the recruitment process in our fantastic industry, and both Ian and I are really excited to be working with Pace Resourcing to deliver the best candidates to the best employers”.

“We are totally committed to the idea and the benefits of ‘industry people recruiting people for the industry’”.

For more information on Pace Resourcing @PaceResourcing 0161 641 7423

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