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A sales team is not a just a collection of people who can sell

Ian Miller formerly of Hoppe explains that a sales team is not just a collection of people who can sell, it needs to be able to function and deliver on many other levels.  As one of the industry specialists heading up Pace Resourcing, Ian knows from his own experience just how many things go into building a team dynamic.

I have a great many years’ experience in building sales teams and managing sales people.  At its most basic level, a sales team is a collection of individuals who generally speaking have joined a company at different times and amongst whom the only common skill is the ability to sell.

But individual sales people cannot deliver the results a company needs – they have to be a part of a genuine, functioning sales team, and that team needs to gel and be dynamic in delivering far more than just sales.  They need to be the part of the company which inspires, motivates, leads and works alongside all the other employees in the business.  If the sales team does its job right, then the rest of the company will follow; it is a big responsibility but is crucial to the success of any business.

The Sales team needs to inspire and motivate the rest of the company

But if it doesn’t gel then the converse is likely to happen. We have all been around companies where individual sales people are at odds with other team members or other staff members and we all know that this is damaging to the company – when you reach this point, something is not working and change needs to be introduced.  That change needs to be training of the sales person or the recruitment of new members who really can fit into the team dynamic.

I have been in businesses myself where I had responsibility for growing sales significantly and key to that was recruiting the right sales people – right technically, and most importantly right culturally to fit into the team ethic of the organisation.

It is one of the reasons I am so heavily involved with Pace Resourcing – I am passionate about finding the right people to create real sales teams for the companies we work with – where team members are culturally right, have great technical ability, drive, energy, and the ability to work with all the other staff members to deliver much more than just sales.

Cultural fit is critical to delivering more than just sales

If you take Architectural Ironmongery as an example, as someone who has headed a team in this very specific sector I know only too well the skills and the mentality a sales person needs to succeed, and what it takes for them to be a part of a team. 

Having this first-hand experience is a great advantage and something I am able to bring to my role at Pace Resourcing – I understand the culture of the businesses in the sector, I know who the companies are, and when they give us a role profile to fill I can use my knowledge and experience to ensure that we only put people forward who will definitely fit in.

Recruiting in this sector specifically is not generically about ‘sales people’, it is about very specific sales people with very specific talents.

Ian Miller is one of the industry specialists at Pace Resourcing.  Pace Resourcing is focussed entirely on the window, door and glazing sectors and is headed up by time served industry people supported by in-house recruitment and HR personnel.  It is fully accredited by the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) and is championing a new way of recruiting in the industry.

For more information on Pace Resourcing www.paceresourcing.co.uk @PaceResourcing 0161 641 7423

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