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Team GB – the most professional amateurs on the planet!

Leaving aside the excitement of another Team GB gold rush and the general enjoyment of the Olympics as an event, what struck me most was the utter professionalism of our amateur sportsmen and women and their coaching staff.
The rewards for good team selection, good team culture, training and coaching have never been better demonstrated in my view than during the summer Olympics – everything you would want in your own team encapsulated perfectly as a live case study.

The success of Team GB did not happen by chance – It was amateur people and an amateur infrastructure operating in the most professional of manners. Their success was planned for in every detail and that is why it has caught my attention.

When you are building for success you always have to consider the ‘team’ – a collection of individuals, no matter how good they may be individually, does not constitute a team, and while you will always have individual moments of success with ‘maverick’ talents, in the long term you won’t achieve your true potential, regardless of what field you are in.

In Sales – something very close to my heart – nothing could be more true. During my 30 years in the industry I have been a part of some great teams, built some great teams, and managed some great teams. The thing that has been common throughout all of these experiences is that a group of talented, highly motivated team players who are given the necessary training and support has always achieved more than a bunch of individual ‘super-sales people’.

It is a fact which is indisputable in my view – the right people in a properly managed team always achieve more.

That’s not to say that individual talents do not have a place in a team – of course they do, and in the case of team GB many of them provided outstanding inspiration to their colleagues and led them to achieve more than they could have dreamed of by themselves. But the key thing remains the team, and even the most celebrated Olympians in Team GB never spoke or stood outside of the team ethic – team first, themselves second.

Get this into your own sales teams and you will have an outstanding chance of being world beaters in your own right.

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