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How do I handle employee requests for time off before and over Christmas and the New Year? I can’t let everyone be absent at the same time as the business will suffer.

Everybody wants time off at Christmas - it's an age-old problem. Naturally, you need to manage these multiple requests so that your company is able to operate, but also so that dissatisfaction doesn't set it.
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Effective absence management is a year-round consideration for employers, but it can be a particular problem during periods of bad weather.

Yes winter is coming, and it could be even colder and snowier than usual.

Staff absences tend to rise dramatically during extreme weather as road and rail disruption, combined with school closures, make it difficult for employees to make it in to work.

Effective absence management and flexible working options can help maintain staff productivity and reduce the cost to businesses.
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Reach for the Skype

"interview more of the best candidates using on-line platforms"

Many of us use Skype on a regular basis – or other similar platforms – to communicate with friends or family. But have you thought what it might be like to conduct interviews this way?
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