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Staff Engagement Surveys

Positive Staff bring better performance and better profitability – it’s a simple fact.

It might seem like an obvious – almost pointless statement, but the fact is incredibly simple – if your staff are positive, that is to say motivated, happy in their place of work, enjoy a good relationship with their fellow workers, feel valued, feel able to contribute to the success of the business, feel able to do their job, feel that their opinions are valued, and are remunerated fairly – then they will perform better, will be less prone to absenteeism and are more likely to stay with your company.

Okay, perhaps not so obvious afterall?

We live in different times from an employment point of view than any which have gone before – employees and their expectations of how they will be treated at work are very different, and for a whole host of reasons.

But the one thing which remains as a constant is that if they feel valued and able to produce to the best of their ability they will perform for your business and deliver better goods and services and certainly better profitability.

In many circles this is referred to as ‘employee engagement’….it is a modern phrase but with old-fashioned meanings.

People are the greatest asset of any business – in terms of cost overhead if nothing else – and therefore they are the element of your business which must have the most attention to perform their task efficiently. They are the cogs in your wheel, a part of your machinery – and if they are not working to their full potential then the whole machine is under-performing. So you need to pay attention to them and spot the signs if there are problems, and cure the problems for the good of the business as a whole and the individual.

What can Pace Resourcing do to help you?

Our staff are hugely experienced at carrying out staff engagement surveys; at scripting a series of questions which will deliver you as an employer answers to ensure that your business can prosper, by identifying weaknesses in your structure and frustrations in your employees – not all of which are not necessarily negative, in fact often the opposite.  The biggest individual point which we identify is that employees feel they have more to give if only given the chance.  This means that your business can benefit from your existing employees, people you have already invested in – so why wouldn’t you give them the opportunity to do more?

They are also potentially your future managers and leaders – but you need to know this.  You don’t want them leaving your business frustrated and going to a competitor.

Get in touch – let us tell you how Pace Resourcing can help you get the best out of your greatest asset – your people.

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