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A strategic and open approach towards employees delivers profits

Often, companies view HR and people management as less immediately important than sales, production or procurement functions in their business, but the reality is, employers who embrace a strategic and open approach towards their employees will inevitably improve their overall profits.

Without doubt, one of a company’s most expensive costs is its staff. Absenteeism, low motivation and poor performance for example can play a major contributing factor in affecting profitability. It’s no surprise that employees who are not committed to their jobs are more likely to miss work.

It is well documented that highly engaged workers create better business output – and financial performance can improve by up to 30%. Building employee engagement is key to ensuring the success of an organisation – effective policies to ensure staff are well managed, motivated and performing will enable the business to reduce absenteeism and to increase productivity.

Engaging with employees doesn’t happen naturally in many business and albeit some organisations may feel the subject somewhat less important than other business activities, planning and implementation of HR strategies can and will improve an organisation’s profitability.

I have undertaken many challenges involving people and employment, and one area I know only too well which is always a concern for business large or small is the development of an employee structure which works for all parties.

I understand, that in many cases companies may not have the resource or abilities in-house to resolve and handle employment issues, in particular as the business grows. Being able to support our clients with bespoke advice that is right for their business is a key service Pace Resourcing offers.

We support companies to look at alternative ways of improving their bottom-line, against the more traditional methods of raising prices or introducing higher business targets which in today’s ultra-competitive markets is often not achievable. In my experience, sometimes a few simple interventions can have a massive impact.

Vivien Globe is Business Director for Pace Resourcing. For more information on this subject and to see how else Pace Resourcing can help you visit 0161 641 7423 @paceresourcing

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