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Performance & Profitability Through People

Running a business is a challenge and we understand that finding time to deal with people management issues can be difficult. At Pace our range of services includes everything you could want to make sure you can get the best out of your people at all times, and to ensure that you have access to all the resources you might need in relation to people issues.

Remember, a business’s greatest asset is its people and they must work as effectively as any machine or production tool to give you the ultimate performance on a consistent basis – and in turn feel valued by you as their employer. And when employees are happy and motivated they will be much more productive for your company and be willing to go that extra mile.

There are many things which impact how a person performs and these things change on an on-going basis. Monitoring the performance of your employees needs to take into account a myriad of other factors – physical environment, personal circumstance, the impact of other team members and suitability to the role they are performing in your business.

At Pace we can support you with the following all of which can impact on how your staff perform and how that impacts on business performance and profitability:

  • building a high performing workforce to improve business performance
  • Strategic workforce planning – understanding your future needs
  • Building an effective reward structure, bonus and incentive schemes
  • Management development
  • Succession Planning
  • Managing change e.g. re-structuring, redundancy programmes, outplacement
  • Reducing absence and staff turnover
  • How to mitigate risk e.g. unfair dismissal, tribunal claims
  • How to address skills shortages


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