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We are passionate about finding the right people to fill vacancies – from both an employer and a candidate perspective

Good recruitment is critical. As an employer, whether you are seeking to replace an employee who has left your business, or whether you are creating a new role it is vital you recruit someone who not only has the skills to do the job, but you get someone who also has the personality to fit into your company culture and your team.

Recruiting staff can be a costly exercise, it is also an essential part of any business and it pays to do it properly. When companies choose the right people for the job, train them well, treat them appropriately and keep them motivated then these people not only produce great results but also tend to stay with you longer. In such circumstances, your company’s investment is well rewarded.

There are few businesses these days who carry any ‘fat’ in their employee numbers – everybody has to perform. Performance and profitability can be delivered through good people and if your company does not have the right people you will struggle to achieve the results you require.

At Pace Resourcing we trust that the experience we have in what is truly a ‘people’ industry sets us apart from other recruitment businesses. We believe we have a personal connection with the industry and the people in it; we understand it – and we are passionate about finding the right people to fill your vacancies if you are an employer – and the right employer for you if you are a candidate.

Talk to us at any time – whether employer or candidate, and whether you have a requirement now or might have a need in 12 months’ time.

And it doesn’t stop there….Induction Planning

If you are an employer why not talk to us about Induction Planning. Your new employee is an expensive resource so you want them to be working efficiently from day one – you also want to create a good impression with them and to make them feel at home and valued from the start. Give them the motivation and tools to do their job and they will deliver great performance and profitability to your business.

If you are a candidate looking for your next opportunity why not check out our candidate resources to give you the best chance to find the job you are looking for.

What We OfferAt Pace

  • People who know the industry inside out and can understand your needs whether you are a client or a candidate.
  • A commitment to a long term relationship with you to understand your requirements whether you need something today, next month, or next year.
  • The widest range of support whether you are looking to recruit or whether you are looking to be recruited.
  • Day to day support across all aspects of ‘people’ related matters to help you drive performance and profitability.

Pace Resourcing - Industry people recruiting people for the industry

More than any other industry, ours is a people industry – in fact it is all about people. The outstandingly innovative products and services it offers to its customers, the entrepreneurial spirit which keeps it alive, and the passion to make it a success only come from the quality, the vision and the drive and determination of the people within it.

As people who have lived and breathed the industry for years and who share the same passion for it now as the day we joined it, helping companies find the right people to help them prosper, and helping industry people - and people new to it - to find the right company for them to showcase their talents and develop their careers is a really exciting venture which keeps us right at the heart of the industry we love.

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Pace Resourcing “Research shows that companies which recruit well enjoy higher revenue growth and greater profit margins than those which don’t” - Boston Consulting Group

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