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The Recruitment & Employment Confederation

Pace Resourcing is a member of REC (The Recruitment and Employers Confederation). The window, door and glazing industry understands accreditation and has used it for over 30 years to develop, test and validate its products and services.  It is important that all suppliers – regardless of their ‘product’ – are accredited in areas relevant to their business, and this includes Recruitment and other ‘people’ related services.

  • The REC sets standards and drives professionalism so that the jobs market works for everyone.
  • REC has an important role to play in continuously improving standards within the recruitment industry and sets standards of professionalism so that the jobs market works for everyone.
  • As an REC Member, we observe the highest principles of ethics, equality, integrity, professional conduct and fair practice in dealing with others and will conduct our business in a manner designed to enhance the operation, image and reputation of the recruitment industry and all other REC members.
  • Ethical conduct is not simply compliance with legal requirements but extends to honesty, respect for and equitable treatment of others, integrity and social responsibility.
  • It is conduct that holds up to disclosure and to public scrutiny.
  • When an agency becomes a member of the REC, they agree to adhere to the REC Code of Conduct, which requires basic statutory compliance as well as higher ethical standards.
  • To learn more about REC and the work they do to support and encourage good recruitment practices and ethics

rec-certPace Resourcing’s commitment to great communication underpinned by REC accreditation

Pace Resourcing has successfully passed its compliance test to achieve REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) accreditation to demonstrate its commitment to providing the best standards in recruitment underpinned by the best levels of communication at all times.

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