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Training, Qualifications & Apprenticeships

Better qualified people are better able to perform their roles to the best of their ability

There is some irony in the fact that our industry specialists have committed to being a part of Pace Resourcing because of the length of time they have spent in the industry and the experience they have gleaned –but at the same time we all recognise that there is not enough new blood coming into the sector and this represents a potential threat to its long term future.

At Pace Resourcing we recognise this only too well and so we have formed a partnership with GQA Qualifications where we can work together:

  • To encourage young people to undertake industry relevant qualifications across a vast array of disciplines which are appropriate to working in businesses in our sector – from basic business practices to highly skilled trades.
  • To offer Pace Resourcing mentoring programmes where our specialists will use their experience to help young people – and newcomers to the industry to learn about the industry and what they need to do to become successful in it.
  • To work with GQA Approved Training Centres to help newly qualified young entrants to the market to have a dedicated career path by becoming Pace Resourcing candidates who can be considered for future job opportunities.
  • By helping employers to understand the latest initiatives for apprenticeships and funding and the real value and accessibility of hands on and theoretical training and qualifications through GQA approved centres.

GQA is the window and door industry’s only writer of fenestration related qualifications and they are committed to bringing the right people development initiatives to the industry.

They want to recognise the skills that already exist in the industry, hone them and help to improve practice and knowledge, and get the right ‘people’ products in place to train the next generation of fabricators, installers, surveyors, office administration staff, warehouse personnel, management, industry leaders, and sales teams. The range of industry related qualifications at GQA is more than 100 and cover all these areas and more.

Their qualifications are delivered by a network of over 70 approved centres throughout the UK. To learn more about GQA qualifications visit or contact us here at Pace Resourcing on

Mick Clayton is CEO of GQA Qualifications and is passionate about the whole topic of people development– Read his latest blog here.

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