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The importance of knowing your onions….or at least the sector you work in

A recent conversation went like this “I work in hardware”, “Do you – which sector?” Silence. The point is that ‘hardware’ doesn’t cover all of the individual sectors under that banner, and for me with a background in Architectural Ironmongery, it is a point I like to make as often as I can.

There are real specialisms within the sector and while I am the first to acknowledge and support the value of transferable skills, it is nevertheless important to know your onions – or in this case the finer points of the sector you are going to work in.

Through my background at Hoppe over many years I spent a lot of time and energy working in the Architectural Ironmongery sector – it is different to the mainstream of window and door hardware; it is every bit as detailed, and users of AI have their own requirements and needs, not only in terms of products but in terms of knowledge and support from those selling to them.

It is a great sector to work in, loads of fantastic products and a requirement for a great deal of knowledge for those involved in it. But it is different.

It is one of the added values we at Pace Resourcing have, we know all about the different sectors within the window, door and glazing industry and this helps us to help employers find exactly the right fit for their vacancy.

We use all of our skills and experience to ensure that we never put square pegs in round holes; recruitment in today’s market needs to deliver the employer a candidate who is capable of delivering from day one.

Helping people to really know their onions before we put them in front of the potential employer is one way to make sure that both the employer and the candidate are right for one another.

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